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            Admissions Department – Main Page

            Admissions Updates

            Boarding Students For 天津福彩网app官方下载-2021 

            We suggest that families apply early.

            Our Admissions Team evaluates applicants via the application form, academic history, school teacher recommendations, a personal interview if desired via Skype, WeChat, Viber or Whats App.

            Admissions criteria are also dependent on desire to commit to an academic, focused college preparatory program.  Students should have a desire to attend Canyonville Academy.

            Important Dates:

            Early Decisions

            • October 1, 2019 Updated Admissions materials available
            • January 24, 天津福彩网app官方下载 End of First Semester
            • January 27, 天津福彩网app官方下载 Start of Second Semester
            • February 1 – March 15, 天津福彩网app官方下载 – Accepting new student applications for fall 天津福彩网app官方下载. 
            • March 1, 天津福彩网app官方下载 Deadline for current parents to guarantee a spot this fall for their students

            Rolling Decisions

            • Begin March 16th – Please contact our Admissions Office for spaces available.

            Do you have questions?  Send them via our contact form or call 541.839.4401


            All applicants are required to submit school transcripts to the Admissions Office.

            • Domestic Students – A copy of official school transcripts from grade 8-12 including a copy of your attendance information.
            • International Students – All international students must submit a copy of their transcripts.


            Our admissions process is a student-centered, simple 3-step process that is transparent and consistent.  Please note that each application is given consideration by more than one academic member or senior administration staff.  Please view our admissions policy here

            What happens during the admissions process?

            After submitting your application, the application is processed in a timely manner.
            It is read and reviewed by our admissions team.
            Your application will then move to the approval process.

            Approval Process

            The approval process ensures that all the information needed is completed on your application.  All the signatures lines are signed, all the correct information is answered.

            If there are any questions or missing information, our Admissions Team will contact you for that information.


            Canyonville Academy is student-centered.  So is our application process.  We look for students who are passionate about what they want to learn, and passionate about their goals.

            We do not compare students from different schools and regions.  Each applicant stands on their own.  Students are not at any disadvantage if other excellent students from your school or country天津福彩网app官方下载 are also applying.

            What is Canyonville Academy looking for?

            We are looking for students who want to learn, are motivated, and passionate about their goals.  We encourage students to follow their heart in the choices they make.
            Example, if attending MIT is your goal, then math and science is certainly a passion, and AP math classes would be a priority as would science.

            Students who are the happiest here are those who thrive on challenge.  We look for Mission, balance and character.

            NEXT STEPS
            Below you have the option to download and fill out the application forms you need.  If you have any questions, simply fill out the form below with correct mailing address and our admissions team will promptly get back to you.

            STEP 1 – Download your application.

            Tuition InformationWithdrawal PolicyTuition Protection Insurance - Coming Soon

            Non U.S. residents who require an F1 student visa or ESL classes please download this International Student application:

            Fall Application School Year 天津福彩网app官方下载-2021

            *Please use Adobe Reader to fill out the application form. Download Here

            Financial InformationWithdrawal PolicyTuition Protection Insurance - Coming Soon

            U.S. students from across America who will be boarding please download this Domestic Student application:

            Fall Application School Year 天津福彩网app官方下载-2021

            *Please use Adobe Reader to fill out the application form. Download Here

            STEP 2 – Fill out application

            Fill out admissions/enrollment form.

            STEP 3 – Email your application

            To: admissions@

            Or you can mail your application to:

            Admissions Department
            Canyonville Academy
            PO Box 1100
            Canyonville, Oregon 97417

            – You may also Fax your application to (541) 839-6228

            STEP 4 – Submit Application Fee

            Please submit your application fee with your application.  You will also be contacted by the Admissions Department.

            Application Fee

            Make your payment online the fast and easy way!

            We accept payment using your preferred method of payment.  Credit cards, bank transfer, eWallet and more.

            Canyonville Academy will issue (or reissue) an I-20 once a student has been accepted by the Admissions Department and has made a tuition payment.

            – ESL Students will be assessed at the start of the school year and placed in the appropriate classes.  For ESL course info please click here

            If you have any questions, please feel free to call the admissions department at 541.839.4401

            Make Tuition Payments Here

            A fast and convenient way to pay for your tuition .

            Helpful Forms – Download and print important information.

            Use this Academic Calendar to plan arrival & departure dates, vacation days & semester dates.

            2019-天津福彩网app官方下载 Academic Calendar


            Canyonville Christian Academy provides travel to and from airports. Use this fee page to help choose the right airport.

            Travel Fees Document

            Immunization Records Form

            Immunization Records Form

            Student Handbook

            Student Handbook
            high school student, AP courses, private school

            Request An Application By Mail

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            Did You Remember To:

            Download Your Form
            Mail Your Application
            Apply For Your F1 Visa

            Why Canyonville Academy?